Since high school, when I first discovered my true taste in music (besides whatever my parents listened to), music has been the root of my emotions and a large inspiration for many aspects of my life, especially my art and my moods.

After I started dating my husband and had my kids, I lost touch with the kind of music that made such an impact on my life.

Recently (meaning less than a year ago), I starting using Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist religiously, to aid in my search for my musical soul once more. Of course, I realized my tastes have changed greatly  but Discover Weekly knows me like a best friend and does a pretty good job of recommending stuff I will like.

Every Monday morning, Spotify makes me a brand spanking new playlist of music they think I will like. I have a whole week to listen to it enough to pick out the songs I fall in love with, and then add them to my favorites playlist.

I definitely recommend trying it out, especially if you are in a music rut! Download Spotify for free Here.

And I supposed to will share my favorites playlist, just for fun!

Check it out!!  — >   Meghan’s Indie Favs Playlist