My family has a small problem that may be costing us a lot of money and is definitely not eco-friendly. We (sometimes) unintentionally waste food by letting it go bad before we eat it.

Some solutions.

My husband and I came up with the idea that if we grocery shopped every week, with a $50 budget, instead of every other week, we might not waste as much.

We plan on starting this week. I’ve picked out meals for dinner plus our go to breakfast and lunch items, so I know exactly what to buy.

This way, we won’t buy too much of the things we know we won’t use, therefore saving money and wasting less.

Another Solution.

I’ve been reading a lot about people who dumpster dive for food, or only eat discarded food. Whether it’s to prove a point or just save some money and waste, it inspired me to make some changes in my kitchen that will help our food waste issue.

This is what I’m trying today.

I looked through my fridge and saw bags of grapes past their prime (my family prefers crunchy fresh grapes…).  I also saw one lonely apple that I knew wasn’t going to be eaten, some pretty old strawberries and two bananas that were pretty brown were sitting on the counter.

All of this would probably end up the trash eventually (Minus the bananas. They usually get frozen and used as smoothie ingredients).

My solution, so this food didn’t end up trash? Dehydrate it!

The grapes will end up being raisins.

The strawberries, bananas, and apples (and most likely the raisins) will be chopped up and put into homemade instant oatmeal packets OR eaten plain by my kids (which might taste bland because I didn’t add any sweetener to them, which you could totally do).

Now, I wait for a very long time, up to 12 hours for the raisins and less time for the rest of the fruit. I hope they turn out! I am by no means a food dehydrating master!

I will make a follow-up post when they are finished and maybe even post a recipe for homemade instant oatmeal packets!

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