Okay, how about a personal post? Just a little one… promise.

Someone said to me today , “You’ve accomplished a lot in the past year!” I agree that I have. It felt good to think about those accomplishments for a moment and be proud.

Graduating from college (finally) and moving to Minnesota in search of more.

It’s the second part I’m struggling with. I’ve found more peace in my environment but that’s as far as my search for more extends.  

Money is tight with no prospect of making more.

I immediately uploaded my resumé to numerous websites as well as applied for a few jobs. I tweaked my  LinkedIn profile. I tweaked my resumé. I was trying to hold off on finding a full-time job until the kids are old enough to be on their own for a little while, just to save money on child care.

I don’t think that holding off is such a good idea anymore. Perhaps my piddly bank account is the next arrow leading me in the direction I need to go.

I know I want a career but when looking at available jobs, my ‘I’m not good enough for any of these jobs’ problem kicks in. I have to remind myself that nothing negative will come from applying to jobs I’m not 100% qualified to do.

Everyone has to start somewhere. I need to find my starting point so I can get out of limbo.

Whew. More deep breaths.