So right before we decided to move from Illinois to Minnesota, I decided (as a personal choice not a family one) that I wanted to attempt to become a minimalist. I know that doesn’t make much sense, considering my family members own more items than I do respectively, but I wanted to try for myself before imposing these ideas on them.

It was easy at first. My husband was living in MN already so it was my responsibility to pack the whole house in boxes and prepare for a long distance move. In 2 months, I collected items including toys, household goods and clothing  in 45 garbage bags. This doesn’t include the numerous pieces of furniture and decor I could not shove into a  bag. Some of it I sold. Most of it I donated. And guess what? None of it is missed now that my family has been reunited for 5 months.

That was my test to my family. Will they be okay with getting rid of a LOT of things? I knew deep down they would be. My kids rarely play with toys. Not even 1/4 of our wardrobes ever get worn.

I feel that now, we have made it to a decent level of ‘owning less.’

But now is the hard part. From what I am discovering, this is just the beginning of our journey but it is no longer a journey I can be on alone.

A large part of minimalism is learning to enjoy life with less and use the money we would be spending on stuff towards creating memories and enjoying the little things in life more.

Perhaps we have just hit the tip of the minimalism iceberg, but I feel like now that we have less and we buy less, I feel like I am working more to be able to pay off the debts we have created during our non-minimalist times. And this is completely true.

I have since gotten a second part time job to make up for lost income since our move. I am home less during the day and sometimes work more than 40 hours a week. My kids now have less than 3 waking hours of the day outside of school before it is bedtime.

I suppose that every goal has it’s own length of time to achieve and perhaps minimalism has to end goal.

Scratch that. I know there is no end in sight for this journey. It is a lifestyle change. It is going to take time and I have to be persistent and patient.

I should also talk to my family a little more about how they can be involved in achieving this goal.

We for sure have just hit the tip of the iceberg.