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I would love to say that art is my life. I mean, I am an art history major (with an art minor). I’ve spent 14 years pretty much practicing and studying art and art history, as well as creating art, even before college. I would love to be able to dedicate my life to creating or studying art, but it’s not feasible at the moment.

Instead, I like to look at art online or in museums. I even read about techniques and if I’m lucky, I even get a chance to pick up a paint brush or pencil once in a while. Besides my adult coloring books, I really haven’t created anything that I am proud of in a long time.

I plan on using this space (and this blog) to share art that I admire or that might become inspiration for me one day.  Perhaps, if I ever create anything, I might even post some of my own art.

We will see!

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